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Wise World Seminars

This organization created Network Chiropractic, which then evolved into Network Spinal Analysis.  Donny Epstein, the founder of this new discipline, works hand in hand with his wife, Jackie, to create amazing life-changing events around the world.  And I get to sing and lead my workshops, as a part of these great healing programs.

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is a wonderful speaker and author, who comes from such a heart-felt place in his talks and writings. From 1986 to 1993 Alan and I were touring the world far and wide with his seminars and my music. We still combine forces on occasion, and it's always a treat.  Definitely go hear him speak if you can, and check out his books for some guaranteed inspiration.

Unity - A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

I first got my start in music at a big Unity church in Houston, starting in late 1980.  Unity felt like family to me from the moment I walked in the door. And to this day I still probably play at Unity churches around the country more than any other venue. It's a great combination of the metaphysical and the heart.

Centers for Spiritual Living

This is a wonderful network of spiritual centers around the country.  These centers also feel like immediate family to me, perhaps as if Unity had a close cousin.  You'll find the metaphysical and a focus on the power of choice in how we think about and see our lives.


Hear Charley's Music

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